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Image of a Glass Nail File

Lady filing her nails with a glass nail file

Easy as 1-2-3 why you should only use the new Blazek Glass Nail Files!

There are many reasons why you would like a glass nail file, but the following 3 are the simplest most important reasons why we know it makes sense that you start using Blazek The Best Glass Nail File today.

1. Durable - Unlimited Usage Nail File

Blazek was the inventor and the first to produce a Glass Nail File in 1997. Made out of the best specialy hardened Bohemian Glass with perfect filling surface, the Blazek Nail Files offer an unlimited times perfect filing for your nails.

2. Hygienic - Glass Nail Files Promote Healthy Nails

Glass is a non-porous material that discourages the growth of germs while at the same time can be washed in hot water or be sterilized by high temperatures; methods not able to use on any other type of nail file to guarantee you healthy nails.

3. Sociable in great variety of designs and colours

The Glass Files from Blazek come in many designs and colours and they are so beautiful that will be as jewellery on you. Mix and Match them with your nail colour, your dress or your mood! You don't have to hide anymore when you break a nail during your night out.

Green Recycling Image Bonus: Green and Recyclable Nail Files

They have virtually unlimited life span which means they contribute to a greener environment rather than the overflow of our landfields. Brush them clean and turn them instantly like new!

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