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Blazek Pet Nail File - Available on Order


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Blazek Glass Pet Nail file   Image of a dog and a cat sitting side by side

The original glass file for animal nails is perfect for final cleanup after clipping nails or shortening the overall claws. It safely and hygienically trims of a pet’s nails. The file is very smooth and its use doesn’t stress your pet, yet it is very effective, so for a shorter nail it is not necessary to use clippers. It is washable and has unlimited durability of the abrasive surface. Cleans up the nails free of burrs without the risk of cutting into live tissue.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to file nails in one direction only. It should be washed after use. The nail file can be disinfected with the customary disinfectant or be sterilized.


This product is heat-hardened, which raises resistance to breakage.




“The glass nail files are excellent and ensure that I get the perfect finish on my show dogs nails. Light weight and hygienic for use in the Salon. A great way for clients to keep those sharp nails down between grooming appointments.”

Tania, K9 Kutz Dog Grooming


The Pet Nail Files are now available for order using our contacts page.



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