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Are you using Blazek or just a nail file?

Have you been trying to care for your nails? Have you been fighting with peeling or splitting nails but you don’t seem to be winning yet? Have you heard that a glass nail file can help you improve the overall health of your nails and make them stronger? Have you tried a cheap glass nail file but it doesn’t stand up to the reputation or goes blunt very quick? Have you wondered if your nail file is really up to the job?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then congratulations for getting here as you have accomplished the first step to healthier and prettier nails!

How is a glass nail file better than any other nail file?

Nail files have an abrasive surface necessary for their operation. This surface naturally creates tiny spaces where particles of dead skin will gather with use and bacteria may find shelter there. So it is important to ask yourself “Can I wash and clean my nail file?”. How about if someone else used it? Can I disinfect my nail file? For a glass nail file the answer is yes! Unlike traditional paper, metal or plastic nail files, a Blazek glass nail file can be washed and get sterilised easy.

Is the abrasive surface of your nail file good enough for your nails?

How about the abrasive surface of your nail file? Does it really matter? Did you know that the nail is made of several thin layers and that a rough abrasive surface of a traditional nail file or scissors can damage the bond between those layers resulting in nails peeling or splitting? Cracks on your nails can also attract bacteria which in turn make matters worse.

A Blazek glass nail file is designed with a very special abrasive surface which is made to perfectly file the nails and seal those layers together to prevent your nails from peeling, flaking or splitting.

Why is Blazek the Best Glass Nail File?

J Blazek was the first to ever produce and patent the idea of a glass nail file as a solution to all of the above problems. Made out of special hardened Czech glass, the Blazek has won many international awards of innvoation and performance. As a result many leading cosmetic companies use them around the globe. Everyone who has used a Blazek has never looked back ever again.

What does that mean and does it really matter to you?

It means that unless it is a Blazek it is not a real glass nail file and unless you used a Blazek you have not really tried a glass nail file!

We do our best to create and continually develop an amazing product for your benefit and all the accolades we collect are proof of our success but what really should matter to you is that unlike other nail files or cheap glass nail file imitations, a Blazek is built to last a lifetime and help you keep healthy and beautiful nails!

So how about you? Are you going to keep using a nail file or a Blazek?
Your next step should be very clear.

Browse our catalogue and Buy a Blazek Now to reach your nail care goals.

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